The ability to attract, develop and maintain the right talent for your organisation is a crucial leadership skill. Organisations thrive and grow when the right people are working for them and organisations perish when they cannot secure access to the right skills at the right time. At the same time, the labour market has struggled in recent years to provide the right number of employees with the right qualifications, which has intensified what has been framed as the “war for talent”.

Organisations have invested heavily in talent programmes, and yet, for some, the results have not materialised. There are many possible reasons. Unclear roles and responsibilities can confuse and diminish organisational buy-in to talent frameworks. Lack of transparency in what are considered to

be the components of talent can cause inconsistency and prevent talent mobility. Unclear expectation management can leave talents frustrated.I If not managed well, the talent approach can fail to secure engagement and growth, and result in the opposite instead.


How can we help?

More of You can assist you from A toZ in building a coherent and business-relevant talent framework. Depending on need, More of You can assist you in defining the vision which drives your talent approach, define clear roles and responsibilities, develop a structured talent review and help you identify the frameworks to put in place to ensure relevant and accelerated development of your talents.


Benefit 1

Get a clear link between your business strategy and talent management activities to ensure relevance and return on investment in your talent activities.

Benefit 2

Be clear about what talent is and be able to integrate this into your recruitment, training and performance management.

Benefit 3

Create transparent roles and responsibilities to enable an effective execution of your talent processes.

Benefit 4

Establish a strong talent pipeline with impactful development actions to support timely access to key profiles for strategically important positions.

Benefit 5

Stronger brand value in the professional marketplace, which will support attraction of external talent.

Benefit 6

Accelerated development of key competencies for talents.

Focus areas

Our solutions are always tailor-made to your specific situation. However, these potential focus areas will hopefully provide some inspiration of the different ways More of You can support you.

Focus area

Exploration of how to define a talent vision/strategy with a clear link to business strategy.

Focus area

Deciding what the different roles are and how to get clear accountability in Talent Management.

Focus area

How to set up talent reviews and establishing effective ways to follow up and create actions.

Focus area

Different ways of developing talent, from structured programs to on-the-job training.

Focus area

Individual coaching of talent.

Focus area

Facilitation of workshops for talents on different themes in personal development, leadership and mindfulness.