The way we lead in organisations is undergoing massive change. Gone are the days when the leader was expected to know everything, take all decisions and not to be challenged. Instead, leadership has transformed, and empowerment, distributed leadership and self-leadership have emerged and found their way to small and large organisations.

Anyone stepping into a leadership role will typically face a number of challenges, e.g. how to lead across complex teams and functions, how to balance empowerment and the formal role of leadership, or how to motivate and engage staff in development and learning. The transition from being an individual contributor to being a leader can in itself be a massive personal challenge. New values and behaviours will be required, and the individual in that position will have to define their own leadership style.


How can we help?

At More of You we help new and experienced leaders to grow their leadership qualities. We help them to get more of themselves into their leadership, from defining unique personal values and leadership ambitions to integrating corporate leadership frameworks. We work with individuals and with leadership teams and offer coaching and/or group training, depending on the development goal and the organisational context.

More of You also support organisations to define their leadership framework. What approach to leadership will support the organisation to thrive and get more engagement, better performance and improved business results? At More of You we can help you identify leadership approach and behaviours, and additionally we can help design and facilitate training with your leaders.


Benefit 1

Develop appropriate and relevant skills to grow and perform as a leader.

Benefit 2

Find your own leadership style, based on your values and purposes, and become authentic when you lead.

Benefit 3

Move more smoothly through significant times of transition, e.g. when you move from team member to team leader.

Benefit 4

Learn how to stimulate motivation and performance in your team through empowerment, coaching and inclusion.

Benefit 5

Become comfortable in handling sensitive and difficult situations and act with care, empathy and strength when faced with challenge.

Benefit 6

Build a strong foundation for leadership in your organisation, aligned with your organisational values, and create clear leadership values and behaviours to guide and inspire your leaders.

Focus areas

Our solutions are always tailor-made to your specific situation. However, these potential focus areas will hopefully provide some inspiration of the different ways More of You can support you.

Focus area

Individual coaching to support a variety of leadership challenges and development opportunities.

Focus area

Facilitation of team development and driving performance management.

Focus area

Leading through change and organisational transition.

Focus area

Exploring how to empower and engage your team.

Focus area

Leadership programmes for larger cross-function leadership communities.

Focus area

Advice on leadership philosophy and implementation.