Today’s organisations and value chains are complex. We work across teams and functions, typically both with external and internal partners. We create value by working together more than ever and our ability to collaborate is a competitive advantage. Most organisations know how important collaboration is, but many organisations and teams still struggle getting this crucial element right. Collaboration is hard. Human beings are complex, and many inherently human factors will automatically challenge collaboration. When we add the organisational complexities, which is often underestimated, we can be faced with a very difficult environment for teams to collaborate in.


How can we help?

At More of You we use a variety of tools in order to support teams. We aim to elevate collaboration levels, resulting in teams getting more out of working together, both in terms of enjoyment and in terms of business impact. Depending on your needs, we work by bringing consciousness to what is unconscious, e.g. how our biases impact how we relate and work together. We work with the team’s culture and agreed ways of working and explore how a Team Charter can create a framework for everyone to know what is expected. More of You can also support teams in clarifying the structures relevant for a good collaboration, in terms of meeting flow and meeting content.

By focusing both on the inside and the outside of collaboration, we create a platform whereby the team will get much more out of their collaboration, and the mix of methods will sustain the team’s efforts in keeping the collaboration at the right, relevant level for all parties involved.


Benefit 1

Improve your collaboration through tangible and pragmatic tools and achieve better results and a more enjoyable working environment.

Benefit 2

Build self-awareness as individuals and as teams, challenge what gets in the way of collaboration and learn how to manage that.

Benefit 3

Increase motivation, engagement and productivity in the team with clear ways of working.

Benefit 4

Increase level of ownership and creativity both at an individual level and when the team is collaborating.

Benefit 5

Establish supporting structures around your collaboration and create clarity on goals, accountabilities and decision making.

Benefit 6

Have more effective and meaningful meetings.

Focus areas

Our solutions are always tailor-made to your specific situation. However, these potential focus areas will hopefully provide some inspiration of the different ways More of You can support you.

Focus area

Individual/group coaching.

Focus area

Diagnostics and analysis of current culture and recommendations of initiatives to support collaboration.

Focus area

Design and facilitation of workshops with different collaboration themes.

Focus area

Exploration of the internal dynamics in humans making collaboration challenging from the outset.

Focus area

Exploration and development of a Team Charter with clear ways of working.

Focus area

Advice on how to lead and create a culture of collaboration.