The only constant in today’s world is the presence of change. Change is no longer just a process but more a way of being. As individuals and organisations, we constantly adapt to changes in technology, work opportunities, customer habits and so much more. We change careers, companies, leaders and lines of business like never before. For organisations, the ability to drive change, and cope positively with it, is a prerequisite for business survival.

Despite the importance of managing change, many organisations face challenges. If not managed properly, change can result in de-motivated staff, a significant decrease in performance and the loss of turnover, brand value and key employees. Change challenges some of our basic human survival mechanisms and often we are unaware of the responses being triggered when we face the unknown or a future we see as undesirable.


How can we help?

More of You helps leaders and teams to manage change by focusing on how to engage the whole team in the change. We will focus both on the what and the how, e.g. what do we want to achieve with the change and how will we work together to get it done. Depending on need, More of You can help teams understand some of the human triggers at play during change and how to work with this much more effectively. With a pragmatic approach, we build collaboration and communication skills that will enable the team not only to manage whatever change they are in at the moment, but to sustain a culture that supports ongoing change.

More of You also supports leaders and change agents in a number of different ways, from building internal resilience and purposes for the changes you are driving, to engagement and communication strategies towards employees, teams and stakeholders.  


Benefit 1

Learn practical, hands-on tools and build self-awareness to support you and your team in managing change, both as individuals and together as a team.

Benefit 2

Build a culture where change is part of the team’s DNA and not seen as a one-time event just to be done before moving on.

Benefit 3

Get agreed and transparent ways of working that will support collaboration during specific change initiatives.

Benefit 4

Establish a shared language for the team to express concerns, offer support and manage conflict during difficult transitions.

Benefit 5

Empower and involve everyone in the team, enabling stronger buy-in and ownership of the changes which will make the change much more likely to happen.

Focus areas

Our solutions are always tailor-made to your specific situation. However, these potential focus areas will hopefully provide some inspiration of the different ways More of You can support you.

Focus area

Individual/group coaching.

Focus area

Workshops on different change themes.

Focus area

Exploring and learning how we respond to change and the different human conditions challenging us when faced with change.

Focus area

How to communicate efficiently during change.

Focus area

Exploring how a Team Charter can support collaboration during change.

Focus area

Project management and advice on how to lead and manage change.