The world is changing fast and so are many organisations. With changes come opportunities and, at times, confusion and it is easy to feel over-whelmed. For many of us, developing our career offers several questions, e.g. what do I truly enjoy doing? How do I develop the skills needed to make the changes I want? What is my purpose for doing what I am doing? How do I use and grow my professional network?

Breaking out of a role to transform your career into what is a better fit for you and what resonates better with your values and purposes is not necessarily a straightforward process. Doubt and confusion can hold us back from getting to that place where we would feel more meaning and happiness.


How can we help?

At More of You we support you through that process, e.g. with coaching or specific training. The latter could be training in networking, interview skills, or writing a CV/resume and application letter. Depending on what you want to explore, we can additionally support you in achieving clarity on what your values, purposes and motivations are, and how to integrate this into your job search. We can also help you explore how you assess organisational fit and how you communicate what is essential for you when networking or attending an job interview.

Clarity of purpose and values can increase job satisfaction in existing roles and support personal growth and well-being. For that reason, our offering can be tailored to whatever situation you find yourself in, regardless of whether you have just started your career, want to find more meaning in your current role, or feel that it is time to move on.


Benefit 1

Build a career which is truly meaningful to you and which is based on your values and unique skills and competencies.

Benefit 2

Rediscover your passions and increase your motivation for what you do, either in your current job or in a new, better-fitting role.

Benefit 3

Achieve clarity on what your values and key competencies are, and use those to guide your career decisions.

Benefit 4

Master the skill of writing engaging application letters and relevant CVs.

Benefit 5

Improve your interview skills and come across as authentic, clear and assertive.

Benefit 6

Become comfortable and focused in your networking activities and build a network that will provide knowledge and opportunities.

Benefit 7

Identify and build skills that will keep your career moving.

Focus areas

Our solutions are always tailor-made to your specific situation. However, these potential focus areas will hopefully provide some inspiration of the different ways More of You can support you.

Focus area

Individual coaching in various topics to enhance a meaningful career development.

Focus area

Explore your values and motivational drivers.

Focus area

CV/application writing support, exploring how to write in a way that is relevant and focused to your future employer.

Focus area

Interview training, including how to manage nerves and being clear in key messages and questions.

Focus area

Networking support and training which enables a more active and focused approach towards building, maintaining and activating your network.

Focus area

Exploration of what soft and hard skills to build in order to have an impact on that career development you aim for.